Alocasia Sedenii
Alocasia Sedenii
Alocasia Sedenii

Alocasia Sedenii

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Alocasia Sedenii is a rare hybrid between Alocasia Cuprea and Alocasia Longiloba ‘Lowii’. This stunning plant features strikingly unique large arrow-shaped leaves with thick light green veins.

At maturity the leaves develop very dark blackish blue colour. This plant is a must have for any serious aroid collector.

Plant care

Alocasia Sedenii prefers to grow in bright indirect sunlight in a well-draining, porous potting mix. Water whenever the top 1 inch of soil is dry. Mist the leaves regularly to raise humidity. Try maintain even temperatures between 18°C – 29°C.

Plant info

Plant Size: 2/3-leaf established pup in our 7cm clear pot - refer to photo 1 for an example of the plant for sale. Mother plant is for reference only (not for sale).

All our plants come safely secured in our eco-friendly packaging (even our tape is biodegradable!).