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Chain of Hearts fresh cutting example The Indoor Oasis NZ
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Chain of Hearts cutting

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The Chain of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii) is an easy to grow and a great trailing addition to your collection. Sometimes called The String of Hearts, this plant has lush, heart-shaped leaves that cascade to the floor in quivering, long threads.

Perfect for your high shelves or plant stands. This trailing plant can grow long hanging stems of up to four metres in length and is a reasonably fast growing plant. What's not to love?

How to root your Chain of Hearts

You can root your cutting by placing it on top of well-draining potting mix (we like succulent mix with added pumice or perlite) or sphagnum moss or fern fibre - the nodes will grow roots and eventually new growth will form. You can pin your cuttings down with our handy Plant Soil Pins so the nodes stay in touch with the soil to start rooting. Then, place your pot or container in a spot that receives plenty of bright, indirect light and keep it warm (ideally between 18-25 degrees) and the substrate nice & moist (but not overly) to encourage healthy growth.

If you prefer water propagation, you can simply place your cutting in fresh water (room temperature water is recommended). Remove the leaves on the bottom part of your cutting that will be underwater (at least 1 node) in your glass or vase. This will help to prevent rotting of those leaves and keep the water fresh. Then, place in a warm spot that receives plenty of bright, indirect light (no direct sun though) and change the water regularly.

Plant care

The 'Chain of Heart' is considered a semi-succulent. Use a well-draining soil mix, let the soil dry out at least partly before watering again to avoid soggy soil or wet feet. This plant prefers bright light but does not do well in direct sunlight. 

Best suited to average indoor conditions of around 18-25 degrees. This plant only requires a light fertiliser through the summer months.

Cutting info

Fresh cutting. Cutting size: min. of 8 leaves (4-5 nodes)

Fresh cuttings will be cut to order and couriered in sphagnum moss to start the rooting process. Your cuttings will come in a clear compostable pot (no single use plastics here!) and safely secured in our eco-friendly packaging (even our tape is compostable!).