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Clear Aroid Moss Pole Large 61cm

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Introducing the Clear Aroid Moss Pole - the beautiful moss pole that grows with your plant! Many tropical houseplants, including Monstera, Philodendron, Pothos and Scindapsus are considered epiphytes. This means that in their natural outdoor habitat they grow on other plants as a means of support to reach the brightly lit tree canopy. Moss poles mimic the texture of moist, mossy bark and provide physical support for your plants to grow aerial roots and climb upward. Using a moss pole will prompt climbing plants to grow larger healthier leaves and support them as they grow. 

Aroid Moss Pole Assembly  

This Aroid Moss Pole is super easy to set up - create your moss pole in a few minutes! No cable ties or mesh required. Simply fold at the crease line (x2) and insert tabs into the aligned slots along the back to create a D shape moss pole.

Fill the moss pole with a chunky aroid mix or your choice of substrate (our favourite is a mix of fern fibre and sphagnum moss) and attach your plant to the pole. You can secure the plant onto the pole with our handy Moss Pole Clips for extra support.

Our Clear Aroid Moss Pole is perfect for all climbers such as Monstera, Philodendron, Epipremnum, Pothos, Syngonium, Hoya and similar climbing plants. 

Reusable, extendable and trimmable - extend as you need by inserting a new moss pole into the old one. If needed, you can use a clear tape for extra support.

Material: Clear Flexible Plastic 

Colour: Clear / Transparent 


Large: 10cm wide x 61cm long 

The moss pole will be shipped rolled up (as per the last photo). All our products come safely secured in our eco-friendly packaging (even our tape is biodegradable!).