Clear Plastic Nursery Pots Clear Pots 7cm The Indoor Oasis NZ
Clear Nursery Pot Clear Pot 7cm The Indoor Oasis NZ
Clear Nursery Pot 7cm

Clear Nursery Pot 7cm

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Clear nursery pots are ideal for keeping an eye on moisture levels, root health and development to ensure healthy house plants and propagations. 

This type of clear pot is not only great for Orchids but also other epiphytes such as Hoyas and Aroids. It is the CLEAR choice for all plant lovers (see what we did there?).

7cm clear pot specifications:

Colour: Clear / Transparent / Translucent

Type: Nursery pot / Grow pot / Plant pot

Design Style: Clear pot with a flat bottom and drainage holes

Dimensions: 7cm wide x 7cm high

Volume: 0.17L

Strong and durable & 100% recyclable

These clear pots are available individually or in packs of 5pcs & 10pcs

Also available in other sizes, our current clear nursery pot range includes: 6cm, 7cm, 9cm, 10cm, 12cm, 14cm, 15cm, 17cm, 20cm and 23cm size clear pots.

All our products come safely secured in our eco-friendly packaging (even our tape is biodegradable!).