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Growth Technology GT Rootzone

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Growth Technology Rootzone is an organic-based supplement designed to be used in conjunction with nutrients throughout the entire life cycle of a plant. The composition of Rootzone includes marine and plant extracts, fulvic acid, select vitamins, and minerals, which work together to promote healthy root development and explosive plant growth.

The inspiration behind Rootzone is based on science and nature's rules: optimum root health and development lead to optimum plant health and development. Rootzone is not just about explosive root growth, but also about explosive plant growth.

Rootzone went through five years of development, including 12 in-house trials and 97 independent trials. The verdict is in, and Rootzone is a bona fide game-changer in the world of plant supplements. By using Rootzone in conjunction with your nutrient regimen, you can expect to see healthier, stronger roots and increased plant growth and yield. Give your plants the boost they need with Growth Technology Rootzone.

Unique benefits of GT Rootzone

  • Stimulates faster & more vigorous root growth
  • Helps your plant to maximise intake of nutrients from fertilisers
  • Supports a bigger, stronger, healthier root zone at every stage of the plant lifecycle
  • Assists with root rot prevention
  • Nourishes plants from the roots up


Gentle yet powerful! 250mls makes up to 500 litres. Best used throughout the plant’s lifecycle, every time you water. Rootzone is safe to be mixed in with your fertiliser, so no need for separate waterings. For best results, use with GT CCS for cuttings and seedlings or with GT Focus fertilisers for established plants.

Cuttings and seedlings: 0.5mls per 1 litre water

Juvenile to mature plants: 1ml per 1 litre water

Size: 250ml