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Growth Technology GT Orchid Focus Bloom

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Orchid Focus Bloom by Growth Technology is specifically formulated to meet the exacting needs of most orchids, hoyas and other flowering plants with similar higher nutritional requirements and sensitivities, such as African Violets. 

Entirely free from urea which has been shown to be toxic to certain orchids. Nitrogen supplied in 100% nitrate form for strong healthy growth over long periods.  Also suitable for use on Bromeliads and indoor plants.

One of the enduring myths about orchids is that they do not require feeding. It is certainly true that orchids, particularly the epiphytes, have evolved in conditions where mineral nutrients are in limited supply and consequently they require smaller amounts than other plants. Orchids are nonetheless still green plants and like all green plants they rely on essential minerals and energy from the sun to convert those minerals into sugars and starches to produce shoots, leaves and blooms.
In order to achieve optimum growth and health, orchids require the correct nutrition supplied at the correct time. Orchids have highly specialized requirements and will perform best with a nutritional programme designed specifically for them.

When to change from Orchid Focus GROW to Orchid Focus BLOOM? 
You can change from GROW to BLOOM at first sight of a spike or peduncle, or new buds on existing spurs. It's best to know your plant's cycle and shift to bloom before the first spike or buds appear. Continue feeding BLOOM until flowering finishes, then change back to GROW. 

Why choose Orchid Focus?
ORCHID FOCUS contains all 12 essential minerals – calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron and molybdenum - carefully blended into an easily absorbed liquid solution and balanced to suit the requirements of most orchids.

Feeding your Orchids
With a good quality liquid nutrient like ORCHID FOCUS in hand, there are few general rules that apply to most orchids and should be observed when it comes to feeding. A well- established rule of thumb amongst orchid enthusiasts is to fertilize “weekly, weakly”.

There will be dormant periods of growth for certain orchids where no feeding is required, however, during active periods of growth (spring and summer in particular), your orchid will need regular feeding for best results. Over feeding needs to be avoided as this can lead to root and leaf burn and ultimately inhibit flowering. Do not exceed the recommended dilution rates. ORCHID FOCUS should not be used at a dilution rate beyond 10 ml per litre of water for e.g. actively growing Cymbidiums which tend to be the heaviest feeders. Most other orchids will happily flourish at 5 ml per litre.

Smaller doses on a regular basis typically result in more consistent growth and healthier plants compared to stronger solutions supplied infrequently. Remember, the ideal is ‘WEEKLY, WEAKLY”. Flush orchid pots once a month with clean and pure water to eliminate any build-up of minerals.

Foliar Feeding
Although not as efficient as delivering nutrition via the roots, foliar feeding can have a very noticeable and positive effect on orchids. Foliar feeding should be administered at half strength (2.5 – 5ml per litre) and via a good quality spray bottle allowing for a fine mist to be delivered. Mist foliage (including the underside of the leaf) but avoid the blooms. Spray early in the morning to avoid heat damage from the sun.

Size: 250ml