Buy PlantBuds Soil Conditioner The Indoor Oasis NZ
Buy PlantBuds Soil Conditioner The Indoor Oasis NZ

PlantBuds Soil Conditioner

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Plant Buds Soil Conditioner is a powerful growth promoter for your indoor plants. Made from naturally occurring carbon, humic and fulvic acid, these ingredients will promote accelerated root and foliage growth by improving the soil conditions, as well as your plants nutrient uptake and moisture retention abilities.

It has been formulated to be used alongside your Plantbuds Indoor Plant Food, which provides the necessary nutrients for plant growth, but can also be used alone.

PlantBuds Soil Conditioner is almost odorless and easy to use with its own dropper. Simply add to your watering can or spray bottle and water your plants as usual (see directions tab for full instructions).

Size: 100 ml

Directions / Application: Shake before use. Dilute 2 ml per litre of water and apply every 1-2 weeks in warmer months and every 3-4 weeks in cooler months. Formulated to be used alongside PlantBuds Indoor Plant Food. Products can be mixed together.

Ingredients: Naturally occurring Carbon, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, plus trace elements

100% natural and vegan

PlantBuds Soil Conditioner FAQs:

Is this product made from natural ingredients?
Yes, it is 100% natural.

Is it suitable for all plants?
Yes, however we recommend you use it at half strength for sensitive plants.

Can it be used with Plantbuds indoor plant food?
Yep. You can even mix them together in one container.

Is it vegan/cruelty free?
Yes! No animals were harmed or used to create this product, so it is 100% vegan and cruelty free.