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Plant Buds Indoor Plant Food is a highly concentrated formula which has been designed for indoor plants to give them the nutrients they require to grow and strengthen from root to shoot all year round. 

Made with a blend of the worlds finest kelp seaweeds and trace elements, your plants will be stoked with their new best bud.

This product is almost odorless and easy to use with its own dropper. Simply add to your watering can or spray bottle and water your plants as usual (see below for full instructions).

Size: 100ml

Directions / Application: Shake before use. Dilute 2ml per litre of water and apply every 1-2 weeks in warmer months, and every 3-4 weeks in cooler months. For use as a foliar spray, mix 1ml per litre of water to your spray bottle and spray as usual. Avoid spraying when leaves are in direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Typical analysis: Nitrogen (N): 8%, Phosphate (P): 4%, Potassium (K): 8%
Plus chelated trace elements

100% natural and vegan

PlantBuds Indoor Plant Food FAQs:

Is this product made from natural ingredients?
Yes, it is 100% natural.

Is it suitable for all plants?
Yes, however we recommend you use it at half strength for sensitive plants.

When propagating a cutting, how much indoor plant food should I add to the water?
Add a few drops to the water every few weeks.

Can the indoor plant food be used as a foliar spray?
Absolutely! Mix at half strength (1ml per litre) in your spray bottle and apply as usual, but avoid spraying in direct sunlight.

Is it vegan/cruelty free?
Yes! No animals were harmed or used to create this product so it is 100% vegan and cruelty free.