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Premium Perlite Medium Grade

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Perlite is a naturally occurring lightweight expanded volcanic rock that will not rot or dissolve. When mixed with soil, it increases aeration and drainage, which helps root development. Perlite's aerating and water holding capacity make a great addition to growing media. Ideal for the germination of seed. If you are propagating cuttings, it will assist you in getting better results.

Neutral PH, inorganic, inert and sterile

Free from disease, weeds and insects, is light-weight and non-toxic

Insulates the mix reducing fluctuation in temperature

Volume: Choose from the following options - 1 Litre, 2 Litre or 3 Litre Bag

Medium Grade Size: Nice finer grade of premium perlite (1-4mm), perfect for general potting soil mixes, rooting cuttings, seedlings and more.

Note: We recommend wearing a face mask when handling perlite to avoid inhaling its dust particles. Always wear gloves and wash hands after use.

All our products come safely secured in our eco-friendly packaging (even our sticker and tape is compostable!).