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Growth Technology GT Clonex Clone Solution CCS

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Clonex Clone Solution CCS by Growth Technology is a complete and balanced, specialist fertiliser with added rooting hormone used for propagating and repotting. It is formulated for use on plant cuttings, wet stick propagation and seedlings as the added rooting hormone helps to rapidly develop roots. Once roots are present, GT CSS will feed your cuttings with its added complete and balanced mineral fertiliser, encouraging vigorous root and vegetative growth. 

Cuttings should be initially watered with GT CSS diluted at a rate of 5 ml per litre of water, and the strength should be increased to a maximum dilution rate of 10ml per litre as the cutting becomes more established.

Unique benefits of GT Clonex Clone Solution 

CALCIUM: An essential mineral yet the majority of fertilisers have no calcium. Calcium deficiency can cause cracked, split, cupped or curling leaves, slow, stunted or deformed growth, and buds that die before flowering. All GT formulas include calcium.

COMPLETE AND BALANCED: All 12 essential nutrients plants require, and nothing they don’t, in crop-specific balanced ratios. All at guaranteed levels, all listed on the label. Reduces the risk of both deficiencies and excesses. Guaranteed no sodium.  

NO CHLORIDES: Highest salt index ingredient used in most fertilisers. Increases risk of fertiliser burn. Excess can cause scorched leaf edges, smaller leaves and slow or stunted growth. All GT formulas guaranteed chloride free.

UREA FREE: Most common nitrogen source used in fertilisers. Difficult for indoor plants in soil-less potting mixes to convert urea into life-giving nitrogen. Excess urea can accumulate in potted plants, increasing risk of fertiliser burn. GT uses ammonium nitrate instead. More expensive but more available to plants. All GT formulas guaranteed urea free.

CHELATED MINERALS: Pronounced ‘key-lay-ted’ (like a key in a door). Chelation unlocks difficult to absorb metal minerals, keeping them water-soluble and readily available, helping avoid deficiencies. All GT formulas include chelated metal minerals.

pH BUFFERED: Soil pH matters. Too acidic and some nutrients turn toxic, while others like nitrogen and calcium get blocked in the soil, harder for plants to absorb. Too alkaline and essentials like iron and phosphorus become locked and less available. Look for signs like leaf tip death or wilting even when properly watered. Most indoor plants prefer slightly acidic pH around 6. GT is pH buffered to create the ideal, slightly acidic pH plants thrive in, for maximum nutrient availability. 


Although each formula is different, GT is formulated to one dilution rate across the range:

For hydro and semi-hydro: 5 to 7 mls per 1 litre water, every time you change or top-up the water

For soil / potting mix: 3 to 5mls (1 teaspoon = 5mls) per 1 litre water, every time you water.

Adjust dilution rate according to your plant's needs: For a mixed jungle use the general maintenance dose: dilute 5mls per 1 litre water. For lighter feeders or slowergrowers: dilute 3mls per 1 litre water. For heavy feeders or fast growers dilute up to 10mls (2 teaspoons) per 1 litre water.

Size: 250ml