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Growth Technology GT CLONEX Rooting Hormone Gel Purple

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20+ years ago GT created Clonex, the world’s first propagation gel. It’s a blend of root growth hormones, anti fungal agents, vitamins and minerals in a stable gel base. The staple ever since for indoor plant hobbyists and outdoor gardeners for plant propagation. One dip initiates and speeds up root development while protecting cuttings from infections and diseases. Less rot, more roots.

Growth Technology GT Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel comes in 3 strengths (Green, Purple and Red). Clonex Purple is for softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings (the domain of indoor plant hobbyists). For all indoor plants cuttings including wet sticks, and for softwood and semi-hardwood outdoor plants.

How does GT Clonex Gel work?

As the subject of numerous scientific studies over the years, Clonex consistently outperformed propagating powders and liquids across a wide variety of plant species in delivering increased strike rates and production, along with quicker and more prolific root growth.

IBA (synthetic Auxins), both initiate and promote new root growth.

Anti-fungal agents help protect delicate cuttings from fungal and microbial infections and disease.

Plus 12 essential macro and micro nutrients to feed newly emerging roots the nutrients they need, at the moment and place they need them, plus vitamins to reduce propagation and transplant stress.

How to use GT Clonex Purple Gel

You can either:

- Dip and grow. Dip the freshly-snipped end of your cutting as well in to the Clonex gel to about 1.5cms as well as the node, then put in water or your choice of substrate.


- Use a clean cotton bud to apply to the cut end and node

Unlike some powders and liquids, Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel is not mixed with talc, or dissolved in water. It instantly and completely seals the cut tissue.

Size: 50ml