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Growth Technology GT Silica The Indoor Oasis NZ

Growth Technology GT Silica

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Silica is ‘Nature’s Bodyguard’. A natural powerhouse nutrient abundant outdoors but missing indoors. Adding GT Silica to your feeding routine gives indoor plants the protection that nature would normally provide, making plants stronger, both physically and by supporting stronger defences against pests, diseases and environmental stresses.

What's in GT Silica

A concentrated blend of silicic acid and potassium hydroxide (called potassium silicate). Considered the superior form of silica for plants.

Unique benefits of GT Silica

- Helps strengthen roots, stems and leaves, acting as a protective barrier between the plant and the environment

- Reduces the impact of under- and over-watering as well as extreme hot or cold temperatures

- Nature’s defence system against pests that feed on roots, stems and leaves, such as fungus gnat larvae, mealybugs and root mealies, aphids, thrips and spider mites

- Minimises leaf browning: Professor Monstera recommends silica to strengthen plants and “help you keep the whites from browning”. Following the Professor Monstera Method, add GT Silica first and wait 20 minutes before adding the rest of your nutrients, every time you feed.

How to use GT Silica

A little goes a long way. Mix 1ml GT Silica to 1 litre of water.

Silicates are alkaline in their concentrated form in the bottle. Either wear gloves when handling, or take care not to spill on your skin (or clothes). Safety data sheet

Add GT Silica separate to your nutrient solution, or add first, wait 20 minutes, then add your GT Focus fertiliser of choice to the mix before watering roots.