Philodendron Mamei cutting
Philodendron Mamei cutting

Philodendron Mamei cutting

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Philodendron Mamei is a member of the ever-popular Philodendron genus and while it has several similarities to its cousins, this plant stands out from the Philodendron crowd. The Philodendron Mamei is a beautiful exotic plant that can be found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. More commonly known as the Silver Cloud Philodendron, or the Quilted Silver Leaf Plant, this Philodendron crawls, acting as a ground cover in its natural habitat.

Plant care

Philodendron Mamei thrives best in bright indirect light, increased humidity and moderate to warm temperatures, ideally above 18 degrees. Moreover, an airy well-draining potting mix is important. It helps in keeping the soil moist without making it soggy. 

Cutting info

Fresh or rooted cuttings available. Cutting size: 1 leaf (1 node) - refer to photo 1 for a cutting example. Mother plant is for reference only (not for sale).

Fresh cuttings will be cut to order and couriered in sphagnum moss to start the rooting process. All our cuttings come safely secured in our eco-friendly packaging (even our tape is biodegradable!).