Buy PlantBuds Leaf Shine & Protect The Indoor Oasis NZ
Buy PlantBuds Leaf Shine & Protect The Indoor Oasis NZ

PlantBuds Leaf Shine & Protect

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Plant Buds Leaf Shine & Protect gives your plants' foliage a glossy glow and helps them grow! PlantBuds’ pre-mixed ready-to-use formula sprays on easily, keeping your plants healthy and dust-free (essential for photosynthesis). 

With ingredients like organic cold-pressed neem seed oil and organic lavender essential oil that won’t block plant pores, your plants to not only feel good but look good too. 

Size: 250ml

Directions / Application: Shake well before use. Remove dust from leaves. Spray product on to a soft cloth or directly on to leaves. Gently wipe. Avoid spraying when foliage is in direct sunlight. Application can be repeated as necessary.

If you notice lumpy texture (which can be caused by changes in temperature), run bottle under hot tap and shake for 30 seconds.

Ingredients: Certified organic neem oil, lavender essential oil, natural wetting agent

100% natural and vegan

PlantBuds Leaf Shine & Protect FAQs:

Is this product made from natural ingredients?
Yes, it is 100% natural.

Is it suitable for all plants?
It is suitable for most plants but avoid spraying those with hairy or prickly surfaces.

Why should I shine my plants' leaves?
Aside from making your plants glow beautifully, removing dust from foliage is essential for plant health and growth. Dust builds up due to no rain/wind to remove it, blocks sunlight, and therefore reduces the plants' ability to photosynthesize.

Will the oil clog the plant pores?
Nope. Neem oil is a non-comedogenic which means it won’t block pores.

Is it vegan/cruelty free?
Yes! No animals were harmed or used to create this product so it is 100% vegan and cruelty free.