String of Nickels cutting in a pot The Indoor Oasis NZ
String of Nickels Dischidia Nummularia cutting The Indoor Oasis NZ
String of Nickels Mother Plant Dischidia Nummularia The Indoor Oasis NZ
String of Nickels Mother Plant Dischidia Nummularia Flower The Indoor Oasis NZ

String of Nickels cutting

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The plant String of Nickels (Dischidia Nummularia) gets its name from their appearance. Grown for its foliage, the tiny round leaves of the String of Nickels plant resemble small coins dangling on a cord.

The leaf colour can vary from pale green to a bronze or silvery tone. Also called the button orchid, they are a type of epiphyte or air plant. In their natural setting, string of nickels grow on branches or tree trunks and rocky terrain.

How to root your String of Nickels

Root your String of Nickels cuttings by placing them on top of well-draining potting mix, substrate (we like pure fern fibre for these guys) or sphagnum moss - the nodes will grow roots and eventually new growth will form. You can gently pin your cuttings down with our handy Plant Soil Pins so the nodes stay in touch with the soil to start rooting. Keep the cutting warm (ideally between 18-25 degrees) and the substrate nice & moist (but not overly) to encourage healthy growth. While your cutting is rooting and establishing, provide it with as much humidity as you can to speed up this process.

String of Nickels care

The String of Nickels is a vining succulent. Use a well-draining soil mix or pure fern fibre and let it dry out at least partly before watering again to avoid soggy soil or wet feet. This plant prefers bright light but does not do well in direct sunlight. It will love you for any extra humidity you can provide it with.

Best suited to indoor conditions of around 18-25 degrees. This plant only requires a light fertiliser through the summer months. 

String of Nickels cutting info

Fresh cutting with nice aerial roots. Cutting size: 8 leaves (4 nodes)

Fresh cuttings will be cut to order and couriered in sphagnum moss to start the rooting process. All our cuttings come safely secured in our eco-friendly packaging (even our tape is compostable!).