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Growth Technology GT Foliar

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Growth Technology GT Foliar puts foliar growth on the fast track by feeding the leaves for more immediate nutrient uptake. Includes silica to strengthen and protect, plus organic-based biostimulants for next level growth.

What is GT Foliar for?
Any plant under stress or in recovery, or if you simply want to fast track and supercharge foliage growth. To correct deficiencies caused by root damage, over- or under-watering, high or low pH, and extremes such as temperature.

What is GT Foliar made of?

A full mineral profile of over 70 essential and beneficial minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Silica, Nature’s Bodyguard. Abundant outdoors, deficient indoors.

20 different Amino Acids , organic plant proteins involved in multiple plant growth processes.

3 types of Kelp, naturally rich in plant growth hormones auxins, cytokynins and gibberellins.

Fulvic Acids, organic electrolytes.

Wetting agent, creating a finer mist, better leaf coverage and improved absorption for foliar (leaf) feeding.

What it does:

Increases nutrient absorption to help correct deficiencies.

Aids recovery from common biotic and abiotic plant stresses, such as root rot and pest attack.

Increases speed and size of leaf growth.

Keeps up with increased nutrient demands during high growth periods.

Increases resistance to pests and diseases.

Reduces bud blast and browning.

Fuels production of more and healthier buds and flowers.

Minimises losses due to poor root performance or root damage.

Boosts overall growth and plant vigour.

How to use GT Foliar:

Comes in a ready-to-use trigger pack. Simply point and spray. Apply in cooler temperatures in low-light conditions as a fine mist to both tops and undersides of leaves (avoid spraying blooms and buds). A light covering is all that’s needed.

How often to use:

Apply in times of stress, or as often as 2 to 3 times a week to push a plant to produce maximum leaf growth during active, vigorous growth periods, when nutrient demand is high and leaves are more efficient at absorbing nutrients.

Can be used throughout the plant’s lifecycle from the cutting stage to blooming to target all critical periods of growth.

Size: 500ml